I Wish I Had More Time…

Two statements are a common occurrence in conversations about computers, programming and business: “I wish I had more time…” and “Things come so easy for you.” Both references are made in regards to the speed […]

Five Digital Tips That Will Help Protect Your Time

Organize Login Information Arguably one of the largest wasters of time in our tech heavy society is the time which is spent digging for, guessing at, and/or resetting login information at various websites. So often […]

Facebook is Depressing

For the last 8 years, while my wife and I navigated the trials of our life, I found myself turning to social media for connection. Being almost housebound during this time, I frequently found (and continue to find) myself battling […]

You’re About To End Up Offended

As I start this blog I know full well that someone is about to end up offended. Likely angry even. In fact, if you know me, you probably shouldn’t even read this blog as you’re […]

Discipline Through Dieting

Originally posted on Faith Tech Life Dieting… Man I hate that word. A friend of mine asked me, “How is your diet going?” a few weeks back and I quickly responded, “I’m not dieting, I’m […]

The Truth of 2nd Chronicles 7:14

Originally posted on Faith Tech Life 2 Chronicles 7:14 is not a promise to America. I know that when certain days, like the national day of prayer, approach some people like to take what they […]