Meanwhile...we're still having fun!

Who we are

Welcome to our family's website. In this world there are many problems and difficulties we all face.  Our family in particular faces some unique challenges.  In the midst of all that we find time to play.  It's important to us while we toil through life doing what we must, that we make time to laugh and build memories together. Which is where our tagline comes from "...meanwhile we're still having fun", because no matter what we face as a family we'll still find a way to have some fun.  

What our site will feature

So many wonderful memories have been made playing together over the years.  We range from high tech (using computers) to low tech (playing table top games). Our playtime extends outdoors too, with our interest in RC trucks and soon camping.

PC Games

Some computer games we enjoy at the moment are Flight Simulators (X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator), Cities: Skylines, Valheim, Satisfactory and Minecraft.  We have a Twitch channel set up that showcases mainly the flight simulators, though you may see some of the other games from time to time. On this topic you might see links to that Twitch channel or see galleries of screenshots from other games we play together.  

Tabletop Gaming

We also enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons.  Currently we have a group of eight players and re-started a campaign that began early 2020.  We had a long break because of the pandemic and only recently began playing again.  We've had to adapt our table top adventures by playing via our Discord server. We've had a lot of fun so far and it's worked out well.  Though, I think we all miss the potluck goodies our friends and family brought when we gathered face to face.  

Our D&D area has character profiles, NPCs and world information for our campaign.  Plus, I've done a few D&D related crafts and will post pictures of those.  Once you get to the main page for Dungeons and Dragons you can navigate to the other pages from there from the right side menu area.  

RC Cars & Trucks

Our RC adventures started with gas powered 1/10 scale Tmaxx trucks from Traxxas.  We have since moved to a slower paced rock-crawling 1/10 trucks.  Our younger kids have joined in on this as well with their own trucks.  It is teaching them patience having to wait their turn at obstacles as well as enjoying nature in places we may not otherwise venture into.  

Camping & Roadtrips

In addition to all of that, we are in the midst of building out a cargo trailer to convert it to a camper so we can travel as a family.  We would love to take some long road trips to show our kids the beautiful scenery across America.  Our most recent trips have been to Minnesota's beautiful state parks.  

Thanks for visiting!

With all our family-fun escapades you'll be sure to see pictures, stories, or even live streams via Twitch.  We're glad you checked out our site and thanks for stopping by!