You’re About To End Up Offended

As I start this blog I know full well that someone is about to end up offended. Likely angry even. In fact, if you know me, you probably shouldn’t even read this blog as you’re bound to become the subject of one of my posts.

Over the years I’ve learned that everyone is entitled to their opinion, unless of course that opinion conflicts with someone else’s opinion. Then, well, you’re no longer allowed to have it. Unfortunately for me, and many who end up in my company, I have some fairly strong stances and I’m not afraid to share them… boldly.

Even when I don’t really know a whole lot about something, I’m more than willing to pick a stance for the sake of discussion. As a result people often accused me of enjoying confrontation. They’re wrong of course. Who really “enjoys” confrontation?

But if everyone just stands around and goes, “well I don’t know enough to have an opinion” what room for discussion is there? Talk about shutting down the conversation and seriously if we’re being honest, who doesn’t have an opinion? That’s gotta be one of the great lies. The truth in that statement is more than likely, I’m really afraid to tell you what I think.

So before you go any further, let’s just set the record straight so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Based on the “left’s” definition system I’m a white privileged bigot, a chauvinist, a racist, and a homophobic that wants to take women’s rights away. They say I have a social disease, but I like to call it morals and logic. I’m not afraid to be called names based on my stances and as a result… well, if you stick around you’ll see.

I’m not setting out to offend people of course, but it’s bound to happen. It shouldn’t take long either. Before you know it I’ll post something that you can have a fit about. You can storm off, perhaps protest in the street, shut down a highway, or maybe stand on your roof holding a sign screaming “Not my blogger!” It’s gonna be yuge!

How did I come up with this name? Honestly I’ve had this domain name for around a decade… Okay, okay, almost two decades. It’s been dormant almost the whole time, but I decided to give it a witty name and start posting on it. Well that and was already taken.

Seriously, I’ve been blogging for years, and you’ll likely see some of my old blogs appear as time goes on. I’ll be moving them over from a site I’m shutting down. I’m planning to split its opinionated content and its technical content into separate sites.

So in closing, for those that haven’t figure it out yet, perhaps you’re unfortunate enough to be operating under the guidance of that New Math: half of nothing is nothing. As a result, the opinions you find here will be free of charge, and worth about half what you’re paying for them.

NOTICE: Opinions are not facts to anyone other than the opinion holder. As a result opinions you find here are subject to the same winds of change as the evolution theory, age of the earth, and political promises.


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