You Are NOT Entitled to…

We seem to have an abundance of people in America right now that somehow think they are entitled to whatever it is they want. They seem to govern their decisions, and pick the sides of their battle by some arbitrary sense of what they feel is fair.

Most of the time when I encounter these people I find that they haven’t honestly thought their position through. They just pick a side because it’s what they like, and then they stand on it regardless of any logical presentation. If you’re one of those people, and you feel entitled to something, I hope you will take the time to finish reading this and give what I’m trying to say some serious thought.

While I could write a book on the things Americans have come to feel entitled to, I won’t. I recognize that your time is valuable and that I’m not entitled to consume it all. I’d like to hit on what I see as two main issues in today’s America.

Public Education

I’ll just start at this simple, although controversial topic. In my opinion the public school system is nothing more than a glorified babysitting center. If your child happens to learn something along the way, fantastic! If they don’t, too bad. Public education is big business, and ironically a majority of anti-big business people are blind to it.

The goal of the public school system is not to produce 100% college ready students. If you think it is, you’re naive. Our country can not function with only white-collar workers, or highly educated tradesmen. The country absolutely needs the farmer, the cashier, the waitress, the truck driver, and all the other jobs that so often American parents look down on as jobs they don’t want for their children.

This is not to say that highly educated people do not hold some of these positions. They do. But it doesn’t require a high level of education to do some of the more menial jobs. Often though, they do require a level of intelligence, and that can’t be taught.

All that said, You do have a freedom to educate yourself, and your children, but you’re in no way entitled to have someone else foot the bill for your child to spend 6 or 8 hours per day in public daycare. Quite frankly, I can’t figure out why people would willingly choose to trust the education, and future of their children to our government.

Do I think children should be educated? Yes! I absolutely do. But I think that responsibility, should land squarely on the shoulders of the parents. Further, parents in this country have been granted freedom under our constitution. Part of that freedom includes choosing how, where, and with what a parent educates their child.

The argument that you need a college education to teach a child to excel, or even survive in our current world comes from an arrogant position. “You can’t be smart unless we make you smart.” There have been plenty of people in this world who have offered fantastic contributions to humanity with very little in the way of what we would consider formal education. If you don’t know who I’m referring to, perhaps your education wasn’t so good?

But in this debate the question always comes up, “What about parents that won’t, or can’t education their children?” It’s unfortunate that this occurs, it really is. But that does not change the fact that public education is not an entitlement that you, or anyone else somehow deserves. It does in fact cause a great many people who are probably otherwise very smart, to have their brain suddenly go numb and decide, “Yes we absolutely should educate everyone in public indoctrination centers and require everyone to pay for it, even if they don’t have children. It’s the only way!”



No different really than public education. You’re absolutely free to purchase health care services. But you, in no way whatsoever, are entitled to them. Once again, you have been provided a freedom to use such services, but you are in not entitled to have someone else pay for it on your behalf.

Do I want people to have access to healthcare? Yes! I also want them to have a house, a way to get back and forth to the doctor, a bed to sleep in, a phone to dial 911 on, and readily available medicine. But I don’t think you should be required to pay for any of those things either! In fact, while we’re piling up the wish list, let’s make sure everyone gets a Corvette!

What About the “Have Nots”

What about them? Seems cold doesn’t it? I don’t want it to be. I want the people who have nothing, can’t afford things they need, and are hurting to have some form of help. I do. But they aren’t entitled to it.

Here is the thing. Most of the time when it comes to these types of discussions, the people I’m talking with point at people who seemingly have a ton of money. Currently that somebody might be President Trump, or an organization/industry like the big, bad oil companies. They see no reason why the “rich” can’t foot the bill. The rich, after all, “step on the backs of the poor.” But let’s examine that mind-set.

Right now, if you think you’re entitled to have health care, public education, or any other object or service, and have everyone else pay for it, I want you to try to think a little bigger for a minute. In the scope of the world if you are on welfare, receiving cash and/or food assistance right now in America, you’re in the top 30% of income earners in the world. A welfare recipient in America has a higher income than 70% of other people on the planet.

So now imagine, you’re making $500-$700 a month, trying to live, and your neighbor who is trying to survive on $300.00 a month comes over and says, “Hey, I want a new chair, I feel I’m entitled to a chair.” Then he walks in your house, and takes yours.

Some of you might be inclined to say, “Fine, if he needs the chair that much he can have it!” To which I say, good for you! But here is the thing. If you don’t want to give him your chair, you can call the police because in this country theft is illegal.

Forcing people to pay for things they do not want to pay for is also theft. Each month, the government essentially reaches into a persons efforts, extracts a resource which that person has traded services or products for, and hands it out. You see, there is no free education or free health care. In the same way your chair would be stolen, public funded healthcare and education, was stolen from someone else.

No matter how noble it sounds, Robinhood is still a thief. In this case it’s even worse. The Federal government is inept when it comes to managing money. The money they take leaks into so many different accounts along the way to it’s intended recipient it is mind blowing. An example of how our government handles money; where I live right now the public schools are spending more than $10,000.00 per child per year for education. I homeschool my four children. I will spend less than $12,000.00 to educate ALL of them for grades k-12.

But That’s Not Fair to The Poor

I get that some people make their judgement based on fairness, but the problem is fairness is completely based on the perception of the person making the judgement. Some people think it’s fair to rob from the rich and give to the poor. I can’t in any way reason with someone who might think it’s okay to steel when it suits them. I can’t argue with a logic that says, “It’s okay to take it if I want it.”

I can’t wrap my head around a world where we give participation trophies to everyone. There are winners, and there are losers in everything. I can tell you I’ve spent my fair share of time in a place where the world would say I’ve been losing. It can be hard, and ugly.

As communities we should help each other, and there are companies out there that do that. Either by giving themselves, encouraging their employees to give, or both. We, as individuals should also help others any way we can. But the Federal Government should have no authority to force a people living in a free country to give up their assets. Whether that be in the form of currency, or other forms.

I had a guy tell me a few weeks ago that if it wasn’t for this particular organization that was federally funded, they wouldn’t have been able to afford health care when they needed it. That’s sad. It really is. I also can tell you as a father of a son with special needs, we’ve had our times when we have had to rely on help. Here is the thing: I’m grateful it was there, I was in no way ever entitled to that help.

It’s fantastic that we have non-profit organizations, and various places we can donate funds to in order to help others. I’m a huge advocate for helping people in need. I don’t want the poor in this country, or any other country to suffer. But I don’t think theft is the answer.

A better solution in my opinion is people helping people. I am a huge fan of it. I love sites like In fact, In the last 12 months I have shared and personally contributed to the help of several different people via this service. In each case, it’s people I haven’t even known. Sometimes I know somebody they know, other times their issue just hits close to home. But not once have they reached into my bank account and stole the money. Not once.

I’m not suggesting that everyone should get kicked off our current systems, or that people in need should feel guilty using them. They are there to help people that really need it. But what I am trying to make you understand is that theft without a gun is still theft. I’d encourage you to stop advocating for it if you are. We should be grateful whenever we receive help and stop behaving as if someone owes it to us. Because in reality, you’re not entitled to anything.

NOTICE: Opinions are not facts to anyone other than the opinion holder. As a result opinions you find here are subject to the same winds of change as the evolution theory, age of the earth, and political promises.

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