2017 – Street Sweeping Nightmare

The streets had not been swept in 29 Pines in roughly 10 years when this mess happened. In 2016 a section of Upper 56th Street North caved in. The roads were so neglected that the local police department didn’t even want to drive their cars into the community anymore.

As a result of these two issues, they fixed Upper 56th Street North, and then relaid a section of our main street (Granada Ave North). The section they relayed was about a block and a half long. They brought in a contractor who ground up the road surface, and relayed the top inch or two of blacktop. A fix that was quite nice actually!

But, rather than having the old black top millings hauled away the company kept the piles of millings on the East side of our main street. They later spread all those millings, loosely, over the rest of our roads, then contracted a street sweeper to come in and clean up the mess.

It wasn’t even safe to be outside. The dust was so thick you could taste it. I actually had to leave my windows closed with the air conditioner turned off to avoid sucking all that dirt into my house. Several members of my family have some pretty serious allergies.

To top it off, the sweepers started late in the afternoon, and didn’t bring enough equipment. The police ended up being called because of the ridiculous noise levels, and they were forced to quit sweeping. The last two images show the condition of the roads two days after the initial sweeping attempt.

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