Talia Rodriguez

talia rodriguez


Age: Young Adult (created June 2021)
Traits: Proper, Self-Absorbed, Foodie Gregarious
Preferences: Likes Photography, Fitness, Writing, Piano, Acting & Singing; Dislikes Skiing. Music preferences are World, Latin Pop, Retro, and Summer Strut. She dislikes Japanese Folk, Metal, Baroque, Strange Tunes and Spooky music. Favorite colors are purple, brown and gray, she detests green.

Talia Rodriguez is an aspiring actress. Immediately after graduating high school, she left home to pursue her dreams of becoming a world famous actress in the big city. So far with no skills or job she is having a hard time of it. She takes up painting just to be able to pay her bills each month. She has become quick friends with her neighbor Penny who is very supportive to Talia’s dreams and helps her with advice or just a listening ear whenever needed. This is Talia’s story as it unfolds….

Talia recently moved into her new apartment in San Myshuno nestled in the Fashion District.  A few of the residents stopped by to welcome her to the neighborhood.  The fruitcake was surprisingly delicious, even to her refined palette! It was there that she first met Penny, her dear friend and confidant.

After realizing she has no job prospects and the bills getting more and more difficult to pay, Penny suggested Talia apply to University for the Distinguished Degree in Drama. If she applied for some scholarships she could even live on campus with that award. It took a bit of convincing but Talia finally agreed it was the best idea out there. She applied for the Resident of San Myshuno, Low Income Students and Acting Skills scholarships. Crossing her fingers she tossed them in the mail.

After a few days of nervous waiting she checked on her University applications, although she did receive two scholarships (one for being a resident of the city and one for being low income), she unfortunately was not accepted into their Distinguished Degree program for acting.  With 0 acting skills or any semblance of notoriety, she was SHOCKED!

A quick call to the Admissions office and she was informed by a very bored sounding woman telling her to work on her skills a bit if she wanted to be accepted into Britechester’s Distinguished Degree program. She asked the woman if the University received her glossy 8×10 photo she included with her application. She was assured they did, but the woman had to tersely explain Talia’s looks had no bearing on her scholarship status. Quite honestly they suspected it was photoshopped. An audible gasp escaped Talia. PHOTOSHOPPED?! She sputtered a response that wasn’t intelligible and hung up the phone.

She’s not sure what the University didn’t see in her.  From her point of view she was fabulous already!  With a pouty sigh she decided she would in fact work on some skills. Looks like she’ll be chatting in the mirror for a few weeks.  Oh well! It’s good thing she finds herself so good looking! She’ll be extra fabulous next time and she’ll show them!



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