Dungeons & Dragons

Our nerdiness is showing!!  In this area we're sharing our campaign information; worlds, characters, session recaps, etc.  I'm also excited to share the crafts I've made to accessorize our games.

We're still newbies, as we've only ever experienced 5th Edition, but we're happily gaining confidence in trying new things. We haven't played an official D&D "story" yet, since we began in a self-created adventure just to get our feet wet.  Since then we have expanded our ideas (called "homebrew") from not only our own created world, but to adding our own class types.

Feel free to explore the site and maybe get inspired to try the game yourself.  Sadly, it took us until we were adults to figure out what a fantastic game D&D is.  It began as an effort to find some family time away from screens and would be enjoyed for years to come.  Little did we know how much fun we'd have!